Nokia X7-00 on youtube

Nokia X7-00 on youtube - The screen is of the best i have seen, and YES it is an Amoled screen with Nokia's Clearblack technologie. There is a small booklet in the box with specs and features of the phone, and says it's clearblack screen. The build quality is outstanding, or must i say: build like a tank. The audio quality of the speakers and also the receiving of network is of the best (much better then the Desire HD i have had before). At normal use (few short phonecalls, sms texting/sending, small bit of gambling and web use: two a two days with battery! At often use i think it can hold up to two days.

The browser is much faster now with Anna and better to make use of. O.k. it is not so fast/good as with Android but lovely . Great working audio player with OUTSTANDING SOUND out of the two speakers or with the included headset. Tested it: the player works for over 46 hours with a full loaded battery....nice! O.k. the X-7-00 has a few minors:
-the switchings between Anna and the elderly Symbian3 in the menu's is a small bit of a glance down, hope it is solved with a update to Bella.
-the camera has no fixedfocus and Carl Zeiss lens. Picture quality for a Nokia phone at this pricerange is average.
-the metal case is dark painted (so not made of gunmetal), beware with keys and stuff like that, simple to made a scrath on it.

Nokia X7-00 on youtube
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